Salem, Massachusetts has a long and fascinating history to share. From puritan settlers, the famous witch trials and the ruthless pirating and trading that made the city wealthy and prominent in the area.

Our 1 hour standard tour, or the 90 minute extended tour will paint a vivid and lively picture of the people and events that have built the reputation of this town as one of the most haunted cities in the country.

Pirates, smugglers and of course witches all feature on the 8 or 12 stops on this walking tour around the picturesque and quaint New England coastal town.

Below are some previews of some of the locations on this tour. We don’t want to spoil your experience, so here are just a few of the haunted hot spots along the regular and extended routes!

Below that are some of the locations that are further afield but are still fascinating stories that we came across while we were researching this Salem Ghost tour. We wish we could have put together an itinerary featuring all these locations, but it would have been a few hundred miles long… Instead, we put some of these stories of Massachusetts hauntings on our blog.


The Witch house, a dark, matt black peaked timber house with small illuminated windows, features in this night time photo.

The Salem Witch house

The only structure still standing in Salem from the time of the trials. This imposing black house was home to Judge Jonathon Corwin, one of the men who presided over the witchcraft trials.

The small windows of the Wicked Good Books shop are classic small town bookshop, the ghosts in the basement, are unique to Salem.

Wicked Good books

A quirky and wonderful bookshop, recently changed from a labyrinthine antiquarian store to a solid community book store, with late-night readings, books clubs and community events. We tell the tale of what happened in the basement.

The forbidding exterior of the Ropes Mansion, Salem, MA at night, with the attic windows alight, what happens there? Join our tour to find out.

Ropes Mansion

You might recognize this house from a certain Disney kids movie, we’ll tell you about its history involving Judge Ropes, and the tragic story of his daughters death, Abigale. Her fiery haunting caught some contractors working on the house off guard. She haunts the house in the winter months mostly. But can be seen wandering the halls of this house that is now a museum.