About Salem Ghosts

Underneath the polish of Salem's quaint coastal city live legend and legacy: the Witch Trials of 1692, an infamous example of mass hysteria and mob mentality that led to the deaths of twenty innocent people.

Though the trials have remained in our collective imagination for centuries, there is even more to Salem than witchcraft... even if the city has literally been built atop the eerie foundation of those terrible trials.

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Jul 18, 2024

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Jul 16, 2024

Parker Barnett

Salem is a fascinating place, and learning about the witch trials was incredible. Geoffrey was a gre... read more

Jul 16, 2024


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Jul 15, 2024

Why is Salem so haunted?


Remain calm.

The ghosts of Witches tend to be all bark and no bite, poltergeists however…

Be polite.

Avoid the ire of the spirits and behave like you are visiting your strict Aunt's house.

Do not provoke the spirits.

Ghosts are just trying to rest in peace, let’s not give them another reason to stay in limbo.

Stay together.

We haven’t lost any tour members yet, please help us preserve our pristine record.

Watch your step.

We don’t want you to become a permanent feature of the tour, stay safe!