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About Salem Ghosts

Underneath the polish of the quaint coastal city of Salem live legend and legacy: the Witch Trials of 1692, an infamous example of mass hysteria and mob mentality that led to the deaths of twenty innocent people.

Though the trials have remained in our imagination for centuries, there is even more to Salem than witchcraft… even if the city has literally been built atop the eerie foundation of those terrible trials.

Our Salem Ghosts Tour Is A Journey

Though not only into this rich history, but into (and among!) supernatural living history. During your ghost tour, you will walk along the same paranormal paths as the residents of 1692 and beyond once did, and see firsthand the sinister impact that the Trials have had on the city.
You will encounter haunted sites such as The Witch House, the Joshua Ward House, and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.
As you’ll learn from our ghost tour guides, these unearthly zones are as full of dramatic lore as anything you may or may not have read in a certain Arthur C. Miller play, or have seen in any number of horror movies or shows.
Specters of powerful businessmen, children tragically gone too soon, and of course, victims and orchestrators in the trials of 1692 are known to linger in key locations we visit.

Our Experience Will Surprise You

During our tour, you might feel a distinct coolness in the air — no matter what season it is — or see something (or someone) that makes you wonder: “Did I— did I just see that…?!”
Our tour isn’t simply a trek through the same spots you’d expect from history class, but a look into the worlds of past and present that mysteriously coexist in this ghostly city. You will be shown places that you might never expect to have spiritual presences… and after our tour, you may never look at your own hometown the same way again.

The Salem Ghosts Tour Truly Offers Something For Everyone

Be you a seeker of spiritual connections, a history buff, a fan of thrills and chills, or simply curious about the hows and whys of one of the most notable time periods in American history, you will leave our tour with the spirit of Salem in your heart and mind forever.


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