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About Salem Ghosts

Underneath the polish of Salem’s quaint coastal city live legend and legacy: the Witch Trials of 1692, an infamous example of mass hysteria and mob mentality that led to the deaths of twenty innocent people.

Though the trials have remained in our collective imagination for centuries, there is even more to Salem than witchcraft… even if the city has literally been built atop the eerie foundation of those terrible trials.

There are more than the Ghosts of Witches here…

There is a world-class museum of Asian Art, at the Peabody Essex Museum and a unique Punto Urban Art Museum, down by the docks. But, let’s face it, most people come here for the Witches. It was a fascinating time in the history of this country, long before the founding fathers said “that to be a country where a citizen can be of any religion the state must be of no religion” Boston was hanging Quakers, and Paganism was put on trial here in Salem, Massachusetts, leaving a spectral trail of ghosts in the wake of the hangings and establishing Salem as a very haunted city.

Our Salem Ghosts Tour Is A Journey

Over a mile of atmospheric streets and alleyways, Salem Ghosts walking tour will share 8 or 12 well-researched stories about the hauntings of Salem, Massachusetts.  Specters of powerful business people, children, tragically gone too soon, and of course, victims and orchestrators in the trials of 1692 who have been seen lingering in some of the locations we visit. We will also walk along the same ancient paths as the residents of 1692 did and see firsthand the sinister impact that the Trials had on the city.
As you’ll learn from your expert ghost tour guides, these streets are as full of dramatic lore as anything you may read in a certain Arthur C. Miller play (The Crucible) or have seen in ‘The Witch’ (2016) – our choice of the best movie set in Salem.

The tunnels of Salem

During our tour, you might feel a distinct coolness in the air; it could be coming up from the network of tunnels under the town. Used for smuggling, the brick-lined tunnels under Salem are a modern invention, and yet are old enough that there are convincing stories of ghosts occupying the subterranean passages.

Our tour isn’t simply a history class, but a look into the worlds of past and present that mysteriously coexist in this ghostly city. You will be shown places that you might never expect to have spiritual presence… and after our tour, you may never look at your own hometown the same way again.

The Salem Ghosts Tour Offers Something For Everyone

If you are a history buff, a fan of thrills and chills, or simply curious about the how and why of one of the most notable periods in American history, you will leave your tour with indelible stories of the spirits of Salem in your heart and mind forever.


Madison Murray

Review Rating
December 14, 2020

Zachary was a great tour guide! Super down to earth, knowledgable, and real with us.
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Kelley Gurr

Review Rating
December 08, 2020

Zach was an amazing guide!Super knowledgable and friendly. We used the EMF readers for our tour and did have some readings with those!
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Mike Mattson

Review Rating
December 02, 2020

Extremely knowledgeable and so interested in sharing all the history and ghostly stories and tales of the area!
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Michael Beatty

Review Rating
November 14, 2020

He did a fantastic job of giving us information relevant to today as well as history.
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  • Remain calm.

    The ghosts of Witches tend to be all bark and no bite, poltergeists however…

  • Be polite.

    Avoid the ire of the spirits and behave like you are visiting your strict Aunt's house.

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    Ghosts are just trying to rest in peace, let’s not give them another reason to stay in limbo.

  • Stay together.

    We haven’t lost any tour members yet, please help us preserve our pristine record.

  • Watch your step.

    We don’t want you to become a permanent feature of the tour, stay safe!