What makes this the most haunted city in America?

Salem has a deep and dark history of ghosts and hauntings. It continued long after the legendary witchcraft trials of 1693. When a whole town mysteriously rose up against a few of their neighbors.

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Salem Ghosts offers you an unforgettable night of ghouls and banshees. Explore with us the lesser-known tales of the tragedies, murders, and sordid events that took place here in ‘Witch City’, that will no doubt confirm for you its reputation as the most haunted city in America.


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Witches, Hysteria, and Hauntings

The Salem Witch Trials ended in 1693, but the memories of those frightening, hysterical times have never left this town. If you feel a chill on our tour, know that it could be more than just the coastal breeze!

Walk down the narrow cobblestone streets with us as we reveal the stories from Salem’s haunted past and present at sites like The Salem Inn, Ropes Mansion (a site featured in the Disney film Hocus Pocus), and Salem Old Town Hall, which is not really that old!

The first Witch

Today, a seafood restaurant occupies the spot where the Orchard of Bridget Bishop stood. She was the first woman in Salem accused of being a witch. A man named John Louder testified he fought off an attack by a hideous deformed monster, chasing it from his house, he followed it as it retook the form of Bridget Bishop and disappeared into her orchard. She was eventually executed in June of 1692.

Since then, hundreds of accounts of eerie and unexplained apparitions have been recorded in this town; even the first president of the United States, George Washington, experienced a haunting during his visit to Salem in 1789 and fled the town immediately!

There are plenty of museums and historic attractions to enjoy in Salem, but only this tour can bring you the exhilaration and thrill of retracing the steps between each of the city’s most haunted spots and standing in the presence of their rich histories.

We hope the whole family will be able to bear the harrowing tales while being in the presence of Salem’s buried citizens. Test your bravery and join us!

Why is Salem Haunted?

The famed “Witch House,” is the dark and forboding former home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, the man responsible for condemning accused witches to their death. This building is the only one in Salem with actual ties to the Salem Witch Trials that is still standing today.

The tour culminates with a visit to Salem’s Old Burying Point Cemetery, dating back to 1637. This is the final unhappy resting place of Jonathan Corwin the man who was prosecutor and judge for the 20 women put to death.

About 16 miles north of Boston, Salem is a town of just over 40,000 inhabitants. Salem’s commitment to preserving its shameful history has made it a perfect spot for spirits to linger and for visitors to experience a connection with the past.

Each year during Halloween weekend, about 250,000 visitors and tourists flock to the town in order to experience the best of Witch City. How did Salem become the center for all these haunted happenings?

Salem’s rich history and the fact that many of its oldest structures and most notorious sites are preserved today give it an eerie feeling.

The Salem Ghost Tour takes you to all of these sites and reveals their true stories so that you can feel connected to the history that took place there. Experiencing these stories in the dark and at the sites where they occurred is a truly unique experience that can’t be recreated by simply reading about their history.

Reserve your spot on our tour today to get a more authentic experience!

Tour Info

Our Salem Ghost Tour takes you through 8-12 different sites around the city, each one spookier than the last. Meet your experienced tour guide outside of 221 Essex Street 15 minutes before your tour departure time to ensure a prompt start! The tour takes about 60 minutes, so you can rest assured that there will be plenty of time to grab a pint of witches’ brew at one of Salem’s many great local restaurants. Select the extended tour at checkout to add another 30 minutes of haunts to the end if you desire!

The Salem Ghost Tour walking route is a great way to catch all of the main haunted attractions in Salem while also getting a well-rounded view of the city and its history. Our ghost tour makes for a great introduction to Salem for first-timers, or a memorable night out for locals!

Salem Ghost Tours is a family friendly attraction and is suitable for everyone, so bring your kids, your friends, or a date! We’ll make sure you have an informative, exciting, and memorable night for only $19 per ticket. Be sure to reserve your spot early as tours do fill up! Buy tickets directly from our website or contact us.


All Ghost Tours meet outside at 221 Essex Street, Salem, Massachusetts. Tours are held rain or shine. Please note that we do not go inside the building, and we do not meet inside, but you’re more than welcome to give our friends at Freaky Elegant gift shop a hello and purchase a Salem souvenir before your tour.


1 mile


The tour is around 1 hour long and is 1 mile long. If you choose the extension, you will get 30 more minutes after the first hour ends!


Tours are held daily, rain or shine.   Tour times may vary, click on ‘book now’ for all available times.

Check the time you ordered on your reservation email, as times are subject to change.


Tickets for our Salem Ghost Tour must be purchased in advance and can be found online at our website. We will have your name on a roster, so no need for print-outs! Bring your ID and show up ready to start the tour!

Adults tickets are $19; children under 12 $9. The Extended Tour costs an additional $6 per person.

You must attend the tour for the date and time of your purchase. Ghost tours are held rain or shine. Rescheduling may be done upon prior approval, and is subject to a rescheduling fee.


Parking is available at nearby parking garages and lots. Please check your tour time and meeting location in advance so that you may arrive on time. We recommend arriving early to find parking and to ensure that you are not late.

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Review Rating
August 18, 2020

Lots of knowledge, never felt rushed. 12 year old loved eh ghost stories. 19 year old loved the history.
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Review Rating
August 14, 2020

Kevin was very knowledgeable of the area and the history of the buildings. I wish we'd done the extended tour!
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Review Rating
August 04, 2020

Our tour guide, Lexi, was high energy, very informed, and it was a lot of fun learning some history and ghost stories of Salem!
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Review Rating
August 01, 2020

The tour guide Lauren was knowledgeable, personable and a great story teller! Loved every minute of the tour!
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With so many tours and activities to choose from in Salem, how do you choose which ones to book?

Here are 4 reasons to book with Salem Ghosts!

  • Salem is full of fascinating stories

    It’s not just witches that haunt Salem, during our research for this tour we found evidence of so many other hauntings and amazing stories from history that we had to change the title of the tour! Join us to hear about Mr. Derby, and his ghost that haunts the newish -Old Town Hall. Mr. Derby was a prominent merchant, who sponsored a full fleet of privateers during the revolutionary war. Although they did not engage in the war directly, they played a great part in diminishing the supply lines of the British. His life in Salem did not have a happy end, his pride and joy, the previous house on this site, was torn down by his son, and gifted to the city to build the current building. His ghost is still unhappy with the decision…

  • We Are Professional tour guides

    When you book an experience with Salem Ghost Tours, you’re securing your spot with a professional group of licensed tour guides that specialize in providing safe, thrilling, and fun tours. We care about the stories we are telling; we live locally and are proud of our small town. Putting these stories together was a painstaking task, the locals we talk about often have relatives living in the town, we have been careful to treat the characters in the stories with respect. We still have to live here!

  • Our Tours are designed for the whole family.

    We curate our tour of Salem carefully, spending time and energy on gathering the best research, eyewitness accounts, and historical facts within our retellings. We also make sure that we can tell the stories in a way that is suitable for the whole family, we want everyone, even young people, to enjoy the tour. We guarantee no sleepless nights for children who take the tour, but you will all be talking about the stories we will relate for months to come!

  • If you only have a short amount of time in Salem

    We love giving our visitors a fun and memorable experience, we cover the history of the area, of course, we cover the witch trials of 1692, but there is so much more to Salem, and there is a strong theme of the sea on our stories. We have many merchants, sailors, and naval heroes in our town’s history, they all have fascinating stories to share, and not all of them are happily dead and buried.

    We sourced our historical and first-hand accounts of terrifying hauntings from the best local and national historical scholars, so rest assured that when you choose Salem Ghost Tours, you are choosing the best activity in the area!